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North County Personal Injury Attorney Successful Case Results

Case Results

$250,000 pending

Pursuing a $250,000 damages claim against a property owner who failed to prevent hand and disfiguring facial injuries to our client. The matter is pending.
Dog Bite v. Dog Owner
Orange County Superior Court


Represented a retired Naval officer after a motor vehicle accident resulting from an over-exhausted driver who stalled on a highway on-at night ramp while failing to put on his headlights or emergency lights.
John Doe v. John Doe

$50,000 settlement

Represented a combat veteran Marine in a motor vehicle collision suffered a clavicle injury as a result of a drunk driver. Our client pursued vigorous physical therapy and returned to active duty service. Unfortunately the $50,000 policy limits of the insured defendants were exhausted. We were able to successfully reduce medical service provider liens and provide pain and suffering and quality of life damages to the client.
John Doe v. Jane Roe

$49,000 settlement

Represented an individual who injured his back as a result of defendant assaulting him, chasing him and pursuing him with a 1/2 ton pick-up. Our client survived serious injury by taking shelter behind a tree while defendant ran into the tree with a pickup. We recovered for his back and hand injuries as well as pain and suffering incurred in the incident.
John Doe v. Jone Doe
Sacramento County Superior Court

Numerous defense verdicts or settlements of $1,000 or less (in a civil defense capacity)

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